First Response Security is able to provide alarm responses within Harford, Baltimore and Cecil County areas.

The client's alarm monitoring service will contact the First Response Security On Call Supervisor. First Response Security personnel will respond to the client site and conduct a physical check of the premises. Our security personnel will check for glass breakage, signs of forced entry, open or unsecured doors or windows. First Response Security personnel will record descriptions and tag numbers of vehicles parked on the property after hours.

In the event that suspicious or criminal activity is discovered, First Response Security will contact the alarm monitoring service and request that the police be dispatched and that a client representative respond to the location. First Response Security personnel will stand by the location until the arrival of the police and the client, or until the premises can be secured.

First Response Security personnel do not have premises keys or alarm access codes.

After the respose has been completed, First Response Security notifies the alarm monitoring service and prepares a written Incident Report which is faxed to the client on the next business day.

The Incident Report will also denote weather conditions at the time of arrival to better enable clients to determine possible sources of false alarms.

There is only a charge for the actual alarm responses. Initial alarm includes up to 45 minutes of waitig time. After the initial 45 minutes, waiting charges will apply. Holiday alarm responses and waiting time are billed at time plus 1/2. There is no monthly or annual service charge for the service.